9 Best Printable Planners for Bloggers That Will Help You Get Organized

by | May 16, 2020 | Blogging, Productivity | 22 comments

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Are you looking for the best printable planners for bloggers to help you get organized and grow your blog?

Just like you, I am constantly on the look out for any material that can help me boost my productivity in blogging.

So today I would like to share 9 of the most stylish yet effective blog planners that you can use to get started!

best printable planners for bloggers

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9 OF THE BEST PRINTABLE PLANNERS FOR BLOGGERS (to help you grow your blog)

#1. 45-PAGE BLOG PLANNER by Stray Curls

printable blog planner by stray curls

I love this super cute and fun printable planner by my favorite illustrator,  Angela from Stray Curls. She’s also a successful blogger so she definitely knows how to plan in style!

I recently bought this planner and printed it in A5 size and I can guarantee it looks more adorable on paper!


  • PLANNING (weekly, monthly and yearly goals and plan)
  • FINANCE (monthly income and expenses)
  • BLOG POST PLANNING (promotion checklists, post series planner, etc.)
  • CLARITY (to-do list, blog post ideas, vision board, notes, business plan, etc.)
  • and MORE (password keeper, contacts, giveaway tracker, affiliates list, etc.)
printable blog planner by stray curls

#2. THE ULTIMATE BLOG PLANNER by Cassie Scroggins


I received Cassie’s 47-Page Blog Planner as part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle from Ultimate Bundles and it is one of the best printable planners for bloggers that I’ve ever seen.

If you are not familiar with Ultimate Bundles, it is a company that sells various digital collections about different topics such as blogging, productivity, and photography at insanely low prices.

For example, their Ultimate Productivity Bundle includes $2,700+USD worth of productivity tools and resources for the very affordable price of $67USD. Insane, right? I can tell you from experience that it is so worth it.

Ultimate Productivity Bundle 2020

Anyway, back to Cassie’s planner.

I was very impressed at how the planner was well thought out and includes every page and section I need to get organized as a blogger such as:

  • Blog Section
  • Goal Setting 
  • Content Creation 
  • Calendar and To Do 
  • Stats and Numbers 
  • Extras Section

The design of the planner is simple yet detailed which I like because it has more planning space and it looks professional in a stylish way.

What’s more?

You get to choose from 4 different cover options and matching binder spines so you can simply purchase a binder and it will look like one of these:

yellow and blue ultimate blog planner

Awesome, right? I honestly have never seen this from other planners.

You can see the complete details of this planner from Cassie’s shop when you click the button below.


blog planner by purpose blog

This minimalist planner by The Purpose Blog includes 20 printable pages to help you plan your content editorial, organization, monetization strategies, and more.

To further inspire you in your daily blog activities, you’ll also get 12 planner inserts with quotes which you could print with the rest of the pages in both A4 and US letter sizes.

Sounds good?

Click the button below for more details.


This lovely planner by Emma from Blogging Babe has 64 carefully-designed pages which you can print in three sizes (A4, A5, and US Letter).

It includes the following pages:

  • Your Blog and Brand
  • Yearly Goals and Overview
  • Planning
  • Your Blog Post Toolkit
  • Your Marketing Toolkit
  • Your Organization Kit

If you would like to get sample pages, Emma is more than happy to send you some for free!

Press the button for more details.

#5. 2020 BLOG PLANNER by Designer Blogs

printable planner for bloggers

Are you determined to increase your blog income and traffic? Yes? Then you will definitely love Designer Blog’s 2020 Blog Planner.

You can start by downloading their Free 9-Page Blog Planner then if you like it, you can purchase their Extension Package to get the following additional 52 pages:

  • Calendars
  • Stats and Analytics
  • Post Planning and To Do Lists
  • Email Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Finance
  • Goal Setting
  • Social Media
  • Other (password keeper, affiliate programs, etc.)

This planner was so meticulously-designed to help bloggers reach success, it has already been downloaded by over 100,000 bloggers making it one of  most comprehensive and popular blog planners you’ll ever see.


Click the link below to check it out.

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    #6. SMART BLOG PLANNER by Laura Iancu

    printable planners for bloggers

    As I was browsing for planners on Etsy, this was the first one that caught my eye and easily became one of my favorites especially in terms of design.

    Available in 4 print sizes (A4, A5, US letter, and half letter), this simple yet elegant planner created by Laura Iancu includes 50 undated pages plus 10 bonus quotes which you can use as planner divider or wall art.

    You’ll be surprised at how comprehensive this planner is as it’s designed to help you increase your blogging productivity, plan your content, track your progress, and so much more!

    Want to get more details? Click the link below.

    #7. BLOG PLANNER by Tickled Think

    printable planner for bloggers

    Tickled Think’s Blog Planner is not only cute but also thoroughly designed to help you organize your blogging workflow.

    Available in 3 print sizes (A4, A5, and Letter), the following pages are included in this planner:

    • Blog Post Planner
    • Guest Post Planner
    • Blog Post Ideas
    • Monthly and Weekly Planner
    • Affiliate Partners
    • Income and Expenses Tracker
    • Giveaway Tracker, and more!

    When you purchase this planner, you’ll also receive a free 2020 Planner so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

    Click below to know more.

    #8. THE BLOGGING PLANNER by Amma Rose Designs

    printable planner for bloggers

    Amma’s blog planner has been positively reviewed by so many bloggers on Etsy not only for its stylish design but also because of its great product value.

    This 74-page planner / workbook contains the following sections to help you stay focused while creating strategies to grow your blog:

    • Self Reflection
    • Blog Management
    • Blogging SEO / Keywords
    • Email Marketing
    • Calendar & Planner
    • Extras (Motivational Quote Pages, Section Title Pages, and Blogging Resources Guide)

    What’s more? When you purchase this planner, you’ll also receive some FREEBIES!

    These are:

    • Blogging Planner Binder Tabs
    • Cell Phone Wallpaper Design
    • Desktop Wallpaper Design

    Sounds good?

    Click the button below to know more!

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    #9. ULTIMATE BLOG KIT by Chic Prose Prints

    printable blog planner

    Available in 3 printable sizes, this lovely minimalist planner by Chic Prose Prints contains 43 pages which are focused on blogging essentials and monetization.

    Some examples of these pages are:

    • Blog Post Planner
    • Series Planner
    • Newsletter Planner
    • Advertising Plan
    • Income and Expenses Tracker
    • and more.. 

    This planner has everything you need to start growing your blog — it even includes an SEO checklist to help you increase your traffic!

    Want to view this planner?

    Click below.


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    There you have it!

    Hope this list helped!

    What are you waiting for? Pick one of these lovely planners and start getting your blog organized. 🙂

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      Nandita Sampat
      3 years ago

      Love your content! Always awaiting new posts by you!

      Faith Ola
      3 years ago

      I love Angela of StrayCurls Planner. The features and Illustrations are awesome. Currently mapping out content for the next 2-months.

      3 years ago

      I try to make my own printables but I’m so bad and making them just for me!! I deffo need a planner and these are such good ideas! Thank you for sharing!

      3 years ago

      I didn’t even know these were a thing, I love planners! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      3 years ago

      I love this planner,.Thanks for sharing!!

      3 years ago

      I like #7, otherwise these are all cute and helpful for beginning bloggers like me.

      Sara Faye
      3 years ago

      this is so helpful! cant wait to use these

      3 years ago

      I love planners! Printable ones are even better so thank you for sharing these!

      Nipa | https://fashionipa.com

      Wow, this is a great resource. I think #5 is my favorite.

      3 years ago

      I have recently switched from bujo to planner and this has been super helpful! I think I’ll get the Tickled Think one 🤭

      3 years ago

      Beautiful planners. I always love creativity things like this, keep it up!

      Mary Carley
      3 years ago

      What a great resource! Thank you for the information.

      3 years ago

      Wow awesome will definitely check it out I need a blog planner

      3 years ago

      This post was quite helpful…. I am still going through the planners to pick my best fit.

      Glowyshoe’s blog

      Lekha Chellani
      3 years ago

      Wow so many choices! I am sure they make it easier for bloggers to manage a million things on their agenda 🙂 I am going to save this one..

      3 years ago

      I really need to be better about content planning and scheduling.

      3 years ago

      These seem like really great resources that I will keep in mind for my blogging planning tools. Thank you so much for sharing them!

      3 years ago

      Definitely need one if these ASAP! I need to get back on track!

      2 years ago

      about to try some of these printables!

      Anita Beyond The Sea

      I love these printables! I have checked 4/5 between them I have to decide my favourite for next year!

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