Useful Digital Gift Ideas Every Uni Student Will Love

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Are you looking for the perfect gift for students? In the age of social distancing, nothing is more practical than digital goods, especially since online education has become more common. Besides, why bother buying a physical gift when there are so many affordable virtual gifts that students can actually use? So for today, I’m sharing with you some useful digital gift ideas every student will love.

digital gift ideas

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Digital Planner

Encourage your loved ones to stay productive while studying by giving them a digital planner!

Here are some great ones:

  • 2020-2021 ACADEMIC PLANNER by Dash Planner
digital planner - gift ideas for students
  • 2020-2021 DAILY DIGITAL PLANNER by Laurel Studio Design
daily digital planner - student gift ideas

Subscription to Online Classes

Perfect for present students or those who wish to study without spending too much, online class subscriptions can help improve their skills such as photography and graphic design so that they can start a profitable side hustle, pursue a hobby, and more!

Below are some of the best learning platforms you should definitely check out:


For less than $100USD per year, students can gain access to thousands of classes that they could take at their own pace from anywhere using their phone, desktop, or even TV!

Try it for FREE here.

  • edX

edX is a learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT where students can take advantage of over 2,000 online courses from top institutions.

While anyone can study for free, students who wish to get a certificate will have to pay for premium courses.

So if you have a friend or a relative who is eager to learn from popular schools such as Harvard, Berkeley, or MIT, this would be the perfect gift!

Learn more here.

Productivity App

While planners and journals are great, some students prefer using productivity apps because of their awesome features such as integration with Google Drive and Calendar.

I used to find these apps complicated until I decided to give them another try and now I couldn’t live without them.

So yeah, I could honestly say if someone buys me an annual premium subscription of a productivity app as a gift, I would be very ecstatic.

Here are my favorites:

Grammarly Premium Subscription

For students like me, Grammarly is indeed a lifesaver.

Gone are the days when students only relied on MS Word’s autocorrect feature which could be sometimes annoying and not entirely helpful.

With Grammarly, users are able to improve their writing skills because of its awesome features such as detection of tone, clarity, and engagement.

While a free plan is available, the premium plan has better features that I wish I had from day one.

So if your loved one stresses too much from writing reports, this is a great gift which I’m sure they’ll appreciate.

Digital Gift Card

Can’t decide which gift to buy online? Why not give them a digital gift card or buy them store credits so they can decide for themselves?

Here are some awesome online stores where you can purchase e-gift cards for students to buy both physical and digital products that will actually benefit their studies:

Are you currently studying? What’s the best digital gift anyone could give you right now? Comment below!

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A Capone Connection
3 years ago

These suggestions are SOO good! I would have never thought of them as gifts but they are excellent ideas. I particularly like the planners. This was pure genius! Thanks.

3 years ago

Yes, as someone who just graduated in May, I can attest that these are great ideas!! Especially Grammarly, super useful but not something I was thrilled to spend my own money on with a student budget.

3 years ago

Nice post, I think I’d like a planner and online course subscription

Cue Adulthood
3 years ago

I’m not gonna lie – if someone gifted me a Grammarly Premium account, I would be so happy. The amount of times I use that site is insane, and I’ve always been curious of what the yellow, premium mistakes are haha. 🙂

3 years ago

These are great ideas! I love the option for the online courses because people can learn specific skills without being enrolled in an actual college curriculum. I wish they had all these options when I was much younger.

3 years ago

Great ideas! I love planners, so I will definitely be checking that digital planner for myself! Thank you for sharing!

Robyn Jones
3 years ago

These are great suggestions. My niece is starting university classes, so I pinned this.

2 years ago

Hehe, productivity app is always a good idea 🙂 I recommend , it’s great!

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