Adding MailChimp to Genesis – eNews Extended

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If you are reading this post, you are probably having difficulty setting up your MailChimp sign-up form with your Genesis – eNews Extended plugin on WordPress. When I first started configuring mine, I encountered the following issues:

  • First, when I hit the “go” or “submit” button, it redirects me to a separate MailChimp page in which I have to type my details and click “submit” for the second time. Such a hassle right? Good luck finding someone who would want to subscribe through that!
  • Second, I could not figure out how to modify the fields which would enable me to ask for the subscriber’s first and/or last name. 
  • Third, I tried copying a certain part of my MailChimp embed code based on what I read from other bloggers and guess what?? Didn’t work. It only landed me on a 404 error page meaning it was worse off than when I started.

Are you experiencing one or two of these problems? Well then you are in luck because in this tutorial, I am offering simple step-by-step instructions on how to configure your MailChimp with your Genesis – eNews Extended plugin.

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How to add MailChimp to Genesis - eNews Extended plugin

Note: This post contains affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to purchase my blogging wishlist. I swear I wouldn’t recommend something I don’t think is awesome. 🙂

Before I begin, I would assume that you have already installed or set-up the following:

(Do click the links if you haven’t done so.)

  • MailChimp
  • Genesis Theme (You may use one of its child themes – Billie by HelloYay.) 
  • Genesis – eNews Extended Plugin (If you have this theme then this would have been installed during your set-up. I will still provide installation instructions nevertheless.)

Now moving forward..

Step #1. Installing the Plugin

  • Go to Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New
  • Search for Genesis eNews Extended by Brandon Kraft
  • Click Install then Activate
  • Go to Appearance >> Widgets
  • Drag the Genesis – eNews Extended widget to your desired location (Note: If you have this Genesis Child Theme installed, there should be a Horizontal Opt-in Section as shown below. This would be the perfect area for the widget.)

horizontal opt-in

Step #2. Getting your Code from MailChimp

  • Log in to you MailChimp account
  • Select Audience >> Manage Audience
  • A drop down will appear then click Signup Forms
  • Select Embedded Forms
Check the screenshot below:
how to add mailchimp to genesis
  • Once you select this, you will see the HTML code which you will have to embed in your site. (Note: You will only need part of this code but since MailChimp has “auto-highlight” enabled, simply clicking inside the box will highlight everything. I would suggest you paste this on a blank page.)

Step #3. Configuring your Genesis - eNews Extended Plugin

  • From the code that you copied, search for the line that says “form action” then copy the highlighted code exactly as shown below. (Note: Do not include the apostrophes.)
how to add mailchimp to genesis plugin
  • Go back to your Dashboard then select Appearance >> Widgets
  • Click the Genesis – eNews Extended Plugin then paste the URL into the Form Action Box as shown below
how to add mailchimp on genesis plugin
  • You can then fill out the Fields using CAPITAL letters only. If you wish to ask only for the reader’s e-mail address then only type EMAIL on the E-Mail Field. However, if you also want to get their first and/or last name, do type FNAME and/or LNAME on the appropriate fields.
  • Save your changes

That is it!

Make sure to try it yourself first by entering your details and clicking the submit or go button. You will know it worked if you see a screen confirming your subscription. 

please share 🙂

Feel free to post a comment below if you have questions or suggestions for me. I would really appreciate it! XOXO

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