10 Blogging eBooks Every Beginner Blogger Should Read

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Before I became addicted to blogging courses, I actually preferred reading (being a bookworm and all). So when I started blogging seriously, I tried to get my hands on the best-selling blogging ebooks every chance I could get.

Why? Because while there are tons of free information out there, nothing beats exclusive, rich, and non-generic information which is usually found in an e-book.

And trust me, there’s a good reason why most of them are being sold and not given away for free.

So if you are like me who constantly seeks new information that can help me become successful in blogging, then you are in luck because on this blog, I’ve compiled the best blogging e-books every beginner blogger should start reading!

blogging ebooks for beginners

Affiliate Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links which means that if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure policy here.

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The Secret Sauce to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic

by Angela from Stray Curls

how to build blog traffic

Who is Angela and what makes her blog special?

Angela is not your ordinary blogger. She is also a creator/illustrator/artist who incorporates fun and relatable comics to her blog making it so enjoyable to read.

While she just created the Stray Curls blog back in 2016, she has since gained a lot of followers and has earned most of her income through freelance illustrating services mainly from her blog (I swear if you’ve ever seen her blog, you’d want to avail her services too).

Unlike other bloggers, Angela does not believe in ads but rather focuses on affiliate marketing and sales through her digital shop.

She is very good at what she does, in fact, I love her comics and writing style so much that even though there are a lot of seasoned bloggers out there, I bought her e-book bundle the moment I found it. Hers was the first e-book bundle I have ever purchased and I was not disappointed.

business bundle by stray curls

What should I expect from this e-book?

Angela’s 180+ e-book will teach you how to create amazing content that will engage your readers and increase your website traffic.

The topics include: blogging fundamentals, adding keywords, writing Google-friendly content, SEO tips, and social media strategies.

Also, expect some bonuses (who doesn’t love extras?) such as workbooks and email templates.

How much is it?

You can buy it for only $29USD although you can get it for a cheaper price if you avail the business bundle.

Building Your Profitable Blog

by Emma from Blogging Babe

building your profitable blog

How successful is Emma’s blog?

Emma only started her blog last 2018 but she has already earned more than $25,000 from it. Impressive right? Similar to Angela from Stray Curls, she mostly earns from affiliate marketing and selling her own digital products on her BB shop.

How much is this e-book and what will I learn from it?

For $28USD, you’ll receive a 130-page e-book containing comprehensive information on how to make your blog profitable by building an attractive brand, creating kick-ass content, growing your blog traffic, and improving your email marketing strategy. 

The She Approach to Boosting Your Blog Traffic

by Ana from The She Approach

building blog traffic blogging ebook

Who is Ana and what makes her blog successful?

Ana is a blogging coach and strategist whose passion is to help her readers boost their traffic and grow their blogging income.

Ana has also successfully sold multiple copies of her e-book on Amazon and has approximately 200k monthly viewers on Pinterest. She has earned around $50,000 mainly through affiliate marketing and digital product sales. Suffice to say she definitely knows her stuff.

How will this investment affect my blog?

Well if you’re struggling to grow your blog and boost your traffic, Ana will help you find who your target readers are and get your social game on. This 100+ page e-book not only includes SEO tips but also tutorials on how to improve your social media strategies, as well as Pinterest.

You also get some bonuses such as 2 free months of Tailwind (worth $30) and access to her resource library. So… what are you waiting for?

How to Write Content That Goes Viral

by Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs

blogging ebook

How successful is Tiffany with her blog?

Well… Tiffany’s blog has been running since 2011 and has amassed over 20,000 subscribers. She also gets around 3,000 page views daily. That gives her an income of a thousand dollars almost everyday. Impressive huh?

What will I get from her e-book?

In Tiffany’s e-book, you will learn the exact strategies she used to create viral blog posts. This includes finding the best blog post ideas, post titles that people could not ignore, how to grab attention through your content, 250+ blog post topics for every niche, and more!

How much is it?

This blogging e-book is very affordable. You can grab it for only $17USD.


Pinteresting Strategies

by Carly from Mommy on Purpose

What is this e-book all about?

It’s all about boosting your Pinterest views (thus driving tons of traffic to your website) through MANUAL pinning. Yup… that’s without a scheduler such as Tailwind.

How successful is Carly’s blog?

Carly started her blog in early 2016 and has since then earned most of her blogging income through her Pinterest account which has 3.6 million monthly viewers to date.

Can you then imagine how much she earns per year? I can’t either, ’cause when her income started to skyrocket, she decided to stop posting her monthly income reports on her blog which is of course understandable (as it is probably a HUGE amount).

Having said that, Pinteresting Strategies is definitely one of the best blogging ebooks you should take to increase traffic to your blog.

The She Approach to Making Pinterest Possible

by Ana from The She Approach

How much is this e-book and what do I get from it?

For only $35USD, you’ll get a 170-page e-book filled with effective Pinterest strategies, access to case studies from bloggers who are also Pinterest pros, free video training about Pinterest security, and a video training about creating Pinterest templates using Canva.

What’s more? You’ll also get a $30 Tailwind voucher and an exclusive invitation to Ana’ Tailwind Tribe.

Sounds good? Click the button below to know more!

Get Paid to Pin

by Dale from Blogging Her Way

get paid to pin

How long has Dale been blogging and how successful is she?

Dale has only been blogging for two years but get this… she is already earning a full-time income from blogging PART-TIME! Can you imagine? 

What is her e-book all about?

Aside from her blog, Dale earns an extra $500+ per month directly from Pinterest and she wants you to know how. The good news is, you don’t even need a blog to earn this much!

On this e-book you will learn how to optimize your Pinterest account to make money, apply effective pinning strategies, and the basics of affiliate marketing. 

What’s more? You’ll get a comprehensive list of high-paying affiliate programs as well as Pinterest group boards you can join now.

All of those for only $20. Sounds good right?

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    300+ Handpicked Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

    by Tiffany by Beautiful Dawn Designs

    What will I find in this e-book?

    In this e-book you will find Tiffany’s recommended affiliate programs for bloggers with the following niches: beauty, DIY and crafts, blogging and business, fashion, travel, food and finance. 

    How much is this e-book?

    This extensive list is being sold for only $12. Do note though that the e-book only contains Tiffany’s handpicked affiliate programs and not the affiliate marketing strategies.

    From Zero to Superhero Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle

    by Ana from The She Approach

    affiliate marketing - blogging ebooks

    How much is this bundle and what does it include?

    First of all, I would like to say that I love training bundles and this is one of those that I’m planning to purchase soon especially since Ana is a blogging expert particularly in the field of affiliate marketing.

    For an affordable price of $57, you’ll get:

    • The She Approach to Making Your First Affiliate Sale
    • The Affiliate Programs Masterlist (over 500 handpicked affiliate programs categorized by niche)
    • Access to Ana’s Video Tutorial Library
    • Affiliate Marketing Case Studies

    Not only those, you also get to join Ana’s super exclusive Facebook Community where you’ll get support from not just Ana but fellow bloggers as well.

    Amazon Affiliate Affluence

    by Dale from Blogging Her Way

    amazon affiliate affluence blogging ebook

    What will I learn from Dale’s e-book?

    This e-book will teach you how to effectively utilize the Amazon affiliate program through your blog.

    Dale will share with you how to write content that actually converts, how to research keywords, and how to link strategically.

    Once you avail her e-book, you’ll also get lifetime access to any updates she makes in the future.

    There you have it! Do you have any blogging ebooks that you highly recommend? Share them below!

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      Katlyn Brown
      3 years ago

      What a great list to put together !

      3 years ago

      Love your pst thanks for sharing all of these great resources 🙏

      Britt K
      3 years ago

      These are some great book recommendations! Why flounder and fight through all the mistakes and errors that others have already solved? Instead, learn from their journey and allow it to propel your own blogging journey forward. Right?

      Vishu Kamboj
      3 years ago

      Great post!  I’ll bookmark the page because it has so much information.

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