Creative Instagram Post Ideas To Boost Your Engagement

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Are you feeling stuck, thinking of what to post next on your IG feed? Don’t worry, I have your back! In this article, I have compiled some of the best Instagram post ideas with actual examples designed to gain you more followers and boost your engagement!

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Instagram can be highly beneficial especially for those who use it for business. However, like in any other social media platform, engagement is key to Insta success.

Your content must resonate well with your audience and the best way to do this is to consistently post relevant content and plan it out.

Yes, it may take some experimenting to learn what captions and posts work best for your audience, but it is totally achievable. 

The great news is I’m happy to share with you some creative Instagram post ideas that you can use to fill up your content!

But before you proceed, feel free to download my 30 Days Of Social Media Content Ideas through my Resource Library which you can access here.


Introduce yourself and/or your business

Use IG as an opportunity to talk about yourself or your business (or both) to allow your audience to better understand what is it you do and how they can relate to you.

There are many ways this can be done. You can talk about…

  • what your current job/career is
  • your personal goals
  • some fun facts about you
  • facts about your business (like how it started)
  • products/services you offer

Below is a perfect example of this in which Kelly introduced herself as a VA in a direct yet fun way.

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Hi, I’m Kelly, the owner of Created with Kelly! As a virtual assistant, my job (and joy) is to help businesses and professionals get more productive by taking over time-consuming projects or tasks that are outside their area of expertise. My business is called Created WITH Kelly, not Created BY Kelly because I want to work WITH you to meet your personal and business goals. Consider me your virtual cheerleader (which I was for 17 years) and online consultant. If you’re looking for someone with great communication skills, a creative mindset, a great sense of humor, structure and organization, and an incredibly cute four-legged assistant- LET’S CONNECT! . . . . . #createdwithkelly #virtualassistant #virtualassistantservices #virtualassistantmovement #njsmallbusiness #smallbusinessowners #virtualbusiness #obm #marketingconsultant #organizationideas #graphicdesigner #administrativeassistant #adminsupport #businessconsultant #growyourbusiness #growyourbrand #canvadesigner #forhire #workwithme #waynenj #waynenjmoms #smmarketing #smm #productivitytips

A post shared by Kelly Faulkner (@createdwithkelly) on

Here’s another great example:

Introduce your blog/website

Have you launched your blog recently? Let your IG followers know that it is finally live!

Not only will this help drive traffic to your new website but this will also allow your IG followers to get a better view of the things you offer outside of social media.

A sneak peek video

Want to create excitement and curiosity among your audience? Why not post a sneak peek video?

This could either be a preview of what you’re currently working on or something that you have already created.

A great example is this sneak peek video of an Adobe tutorial below with a nice caption inviting the audience to view the full tutorial on YouTube. This is a clever way to drive traffic to your blog or other social media channels.

Share an achievement

Another great Instagram post idea is to share a recent milestone or achievement with your audience.

This could be as simple as reaching your target followers for the month or something big like achieving your income goals!

Whatever it may be, this is your chance to flaunt it while inspiring others to be their best.

Also, don’t forget to thank the people who have been part of your success!

A coupon code or a product deal

There’s nothing more exciting than finding a good ol’ coupon code or an amazing deal for a product you’ve been eyeing for weeks.

So surely, your followers will find it really helpful and will appreciate you for sharing this on your feed.

Plus, it will also help you increase your income as a partner of the brand. It’s basically a win-win!

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The sun won’t be the only thing blinding you with @smilesciences! Get your teeth whitening kit with my code “CASSIE70” for 70% off your order! I love my teeth whitening kit so much and I know you will too! The best part is ZERO sensitivity! 😁😁😁 . . . . . #targetstyle #goodamerican #gifted #fashionblogger #lifestylebloggers #lifestyleblogger #pnwblogger #pdxblogger #smilesciences #smilescienceskit #teethwhiteningkit #fallfashion #pnwblogger #blogger #ootd #fallfashiontrends You can instantly shop my looks by following me on the shopping app #liketkit #LTKbeauty #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100

A post shared by Cassie | FASHION & LIFESTYLE | (@cassielrodgers) on

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Do you shop on Amazon? Do you like saving money? Why not do both at the same time with the Vipon app. I learned about this app from a coworker and was immediately addicted. The app gives you access to promo codes for a crazy amount of products being sold directly on Amazon. Some of the codes can give you over 50% off an item. The featured products rotate daily and are time sensitive so if you see something you want, you have to be ready to purchase within 24-48 hours. There is even a search function that allows you to see even more deals that are listed off the main page. I learned about a lot of great products and saved tons of money by using the app. DISCLAIMER – Don’t get mad at me if you get addicted🤣 ⠀ ⠀ Comment below with some of your favorite apps.

A post shared by Whitney Myers (@winwhitneywin) on

Ask for feedback

What better way to come up with new content ideas than to directly ask what your followers think?

This type of post not only encourages your audience to engage with you but also helps you improve as a content creator.

Try it and find out what your followers want to see on your feed!

A motivational quote

This type of post may be common and one might actually think this is simply used to fill up someone’s feed (which might be correct in most cases).

However, you’ll be surprised at how much this can be used as part of your marketing strategy.

If done correctly, this can help you successfully drive traffic to your account or website and increase product awareness.

Aside from this, motivational quotes can also be used to start a conversation and engage with your audience just like the examples below.

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Motivation for today! ⁣ ⁣ A small but important reminder that opportunities won’t wait for you. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for opportunities, either! Instead, actively seek them and create them. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ What does this mean? As a student, it could be as simple as reaching out for internships and scholarships instead of waiting for them to come to you (because let’s be honest, that never happens). ⁣ ⁣ If you’re unsatisfied by your environment or your current situation, there must be something that can cause change (for the better!). Don’t sit around and wait for it to happen; cause it to happen! ⁣ ⁣ ☀️ What’s one risk you’re super glad you took? ⁣ ⁣ 🚀 Follow @sincerelystudents_ for more!⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ #dreambigworkhard #teenblogger #college #hardworkquotes #setyourgoalshigh #bloggersunder2k #gogetitgirl #lifestyleblogging #beproudofyourself #yougotthisgirl #bebettereveryday #bloggingtribe #sincerelystudents #motivationalquotes #blog #motivation #quotestoliveby #bloggersunder2k #livingbetterstartshere #livingbetter #collegeblog #growthquotes #biggoalsbigdreams #highschool #liveproudly #blogger #californiablogger #lifestyleblog

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Share a quick tip

Any tips you would like to share? Maybe something related to beauty, productivity, or cooking? Go ahead!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good tip especially if it will help them become better at something, right?

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❕ Wanna know my daily secret to waking up and feeling excited about what I have going on today? 🌟⁠ ⁠ Planning my 3 MITs (most important tasks) the night before. ✨ ⁠ ⁠ SO SIMPLE, but so effective too.⁠ ⁠ Planning the night before not only briefs me about all the things I have going on tomorrow, but also it gets me excited by ALL of the things I can accomplish with my time tomorrow!⁠ ⁠ And that excitement begins before I even hit the pillow. So by the time 6am rolls around, I’m ready to get started.⁠ ⁠ Want to know exactly what steps are in my daily planning routine? ⁠ ⁠ And why…against popular advice… I DON’T prepare my outfit the night before?! 👚⁠ ⁠ 👉 Click on the link in bio to read the full post! ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #productivitytips #productiveday #productivityhacks #productivityhabits #productivitytools #productiv #productivas #productivitychallenge #productivityninja #instaproductive #productivityatitsfinest #productivityimprovement #productivity #productive #universitystudent #studentsuccess #studentlifestyle #studentslife #studygram #studyinspiration #studytip #studygrind #studyincanada ⁠#timemanagementtips #timemanagement #timemanagementskills #timemanagementcoach #timemanagementtip #timemanagementissues #timemanagementhacks

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Share a podcast

Do you have a favorite podcast or better yet… do you have your OWN?

Don’t be shy to share it with your followers.

Who knows? You might gain new avid listeners!

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It’s all about your perspective.⠀ ⠀ Have you listened to season 3,ep20 of my podcast yet? It’s the last episode of the season! Aaand as you see…it’s now available on ALL platforms! So if Spotify or Anchor wasn’t your fave, then check out Itunes, Google podcasts, and more! ⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀ .⠀⠀⠀ Let’s beat the algorithm together! Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and save my posts 💕⠀ .⠀ .⠀⠀ #bloggerstribe #blackbloggersclub #bloggersunited #blogger #bloggerlife #bloggersofinstagram #blackswhoblog #blackgirlbloggers #plussizeblogger #plussizeinfluencer #womenbloggers #blackbloggersunited #blackblogger #blackbloggingbabes #blackgirlswhoblog #usblogger #allthoseblogs #bloggertea #thebloggingtribe #bloggersingeorgia #plussizebloggersingeorgia #influencerRT #columbusga #lifestyleblogger #gablogger #blackpodcaster #dopeblackpods #podcastersofinstagram

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Your monthly goals

Once in a while, it’s nice to inspire your followers by sharing your goals for the month.

Personally, I love seeing such posts on my feed as they motivate me to plan better and get things started.

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It’s time to set September Blogging Goals, write them down in my bullet journal and try to focus on accomplishing them in September. ⏺️Make a flip through video of my September Journaling ⏺️try different ways to boost blog traffic ⏺️Update my About Me page on the blog ⏺️Create a Facebook Group for my blog ⏺️Write a blog post “MY Journaling Tips” ⏺️Keep up my Daily Lettering Challenge Do you also write down your goals? #lifestylebloggers #introvertbloggers #letteringlovers #setgoals #successgoals #striveforsuccess #positivegoals #achieveyourgoals #personalgrowthjourney #monthlygoalsetting #blogginggoals #bloggingtribe #bloggerdiaries #bloggerbabes #bloggerstribe #monthlygoals #newmonthgoald #bulletjournalgoals #iloveblogging #Septembergoals #myseptembergoals #helloseptember2020 #discoverunder1k #discoverunder2k #microinfluencers #fortheloveofblogging #myblogcoffeeandcamera

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An inspiring journey

Have you been through a tough journey that has led you to become better in life?

While it’s great to post photos of your ‘picture perfect’ life on Insta, once in a while it wouldn’t hurt to actually share the experiences that shaped who you are now (whether good or bad).

You might be surprised by how many lives you can change with just a simple post.

Here’s one great example of a post which I find very inspiring.

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Anyone out there (besides me!) ever had a perfect plan completely unravel? The big plan of March ’19 (3 months in yoga teacher cert program) I made the decision after 14 years in Talent Acquisition I would leave to pursue my dream of becoming a Career Coach. Except October 18, 2019, I was laid off from current company (which between you & I, I miss the travel! I flew to San Fran at least once a month!). Plan not completely unraveled. Yet. Keep reading. I was mentally preparing to leave March ’20 & this was not part of my plan I said f*ck it & took the rest of year off. First in 20 years I have not worked during holidays! In January ’20 I enrolled in LC cert program. March 10, I became a cert Life Coach! It was going to be a home run! I was about to hit the ground running! Then March 19, 2020 we were ordered to be in quarantine & that is when my big plan of launching my new career started to unravel. The good news is this only lasted for a few weeks. I pulled myself out. For myself & family. I worked on a new plan & the first plan in motion was a mindful morning routine. I did solo for 20-30 mins & 10-15 mins w my two boys. This #mindfulmorningroutine kept us grounded, grateful & positive during one of the most unsure times. During time of crisis I realized through my own personal growth & business evolution that I love working w women in biz & career. They started to gravitate towards me! Women who are heart centered & want to reclaim their dreams. Women who have the skills & knowledge but need clarity on goals for life, biz &/or career. Women who are committed to their success but need the confidence to rise up. Women who are boss babes ready to take action! Ladies when we do the spiritual work, mindset work, break through the bullshit, self care + love & believe you can step into your power & rise up! I love what I do & looking back just, 1 year to where I was in 2019, I can say there were many challenges, blocks & bullshit but I never stopped believing in myself. I am worthy of abundance in health, wealth, money, love & joy. 👏Tag a gf below👇let her know. She is enough. She is worthy. #highvibehive #mindsetreset #resettorise

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Compelling content that drives audience engagement is the key to Instagram success. Posting with purpose and having high-quality content such as the above examples can spark conversations and optimize engagement.

There are many other ways to do this, but the number one way is to always be authentic and genuine in your branding and message. 

Which type of post is your favorite? Comment below!

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Sophie Cannon
3 years ago

I work in marketing and I love this post! These are great tactics no matter what niche you’re in. Great content!

3 years ago

These are great tips! Thaks so much!

Seriah Sargenton
3 years ago

I love these ideas so much l. I suck with using Instagram so I will definitely implement these. How do you feel about using IG reels or IGTV?

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