14 Brilliant Tips To Boost Your Traffic From Social Media

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tips to increase website traffice from social media
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Are you struggling with getting traffic on your website? What if I told you there are many ways to boost your website traffic from social media? Yes, you read that right!

Imagine a traffic generator that sends you, day after day, inexpensive but loyal and targeted traffic, where all you have to do is be social, engage, and share.

Sounds good? Keep scrolling to learn more!

how to boost your website traffic from social media

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Using Social Media For Website Traffic

With more than 2 billion users worldwide, social media is one of the largest sources of online traffic for content creators and business owners.

The best thing about it is that you can promote your website or product here for FREE!

There are dozens of social media platforms to choose from depending on the market you wish to tap into. The most important thing, however, is how you strategize your social media outreach to increase your website traffic.

So if you are not sure exactly how to start, below are some tips you can apply. 


get traffic from social media

Know your audience

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1,000 times; know your audience.

It’s important that you learn who your audience is before you even begin trying to attract them to your networks plus send them to your website. Otherwise, you’re seriously wasting your time.

Spy on them. Get to know them. Find out what they want and who they know. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

When you know for sure who you want to visit your website, you can ensure that your content and information is focused on that audience.

After all, how can you deliver something that your audience wants if you don’t know who the audience is?

Know what to post

It is no secret that you must come up with engaging content to intrigue your followers and target audience so they check out the links or information and get redirected to your website.

The most important thing to remember is that whatever you choose to share must be relevant for your audience.

For instance, very few teens would want to read a three-hundred-word post. Very few professionals will have the time to check out a five-minute video.

You need to know how much time your target audience will be willing to give you, what format they would prefer to access and what kind of information they are looking for. Then, develop the content accordingly.

Still not sure what to post? Click here for ideas and examples. 

Know when and where to post it

Once you know what to post, you should know when and where to post it.

There are specific times when people of specific profiles come online and check their timelines. 

Students wouldn’t be online when they’re supposed to be at school. Professionals will not check the posts from brands they follow when they are in the midst of their first meeting or the end of day session at work. Likewise, every social media platform has its periods of peak and off-peak activities. 

Find out when your target audience is live or active and on which social media platform. Share your content when your target audience is online and has the time to check out your posts. 

Make it interesting

Share attention-grabbing information that resonates with your audience.

Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Post Images & Videos – When you post images and videos, people are a lot more likely to look at it and share it. They can help make a serious subject less painful, as well as help explain complicated topics in a simpler way.
  • Use Humor – Ever wondered why memes are so popular? They are so fun to read and most of them are relatable. You can try creating one that suits your topic and if you can turn the attention you’ll get into clicks, that’s even better. This is why knowing your audience is the number one thing you need to do in your business no matter what.
  • Show Your Results – If you’re promoting something that has an end result, post about it. You can use images of yourself or you can use images of your audience who have used the product.

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Post interactive content

Interactive content works better than one-way communication.

Polls, quizzes, surveys, contests, and any kind of Q&A or inviting feedback will open up a channel of communication.

Social media works best when there is two-way communication and in real-time. Twitter and Facebook have become phenomenally popular because of this reason. 

The purpose is not just to share some helpful information but to get the reader to check out the website. Only that will generate traffic for you. 

Follow the trend

Try to trend your content. A trending topic will always have a larger outreach and you would witness a spike in your website traffic.

Social media is all about expansive outreach and that is what you must focus on. 

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags have become the norm for almost all social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and many others.

One benefit is that they provide you with an avenue to conduct research on what other users are commenting on or discussing in relation to your brand or products. This is often very valuable information that can be used to restructure your campaign.

Hashtags can also be used to ensure that your content is easily accessible by users.

It is a pretty simple technique that would only require you to include all the hashtags that are relevant and have a relatively high rank in terms of traffic in your online posts.

However, remember that there is also a limit to how many hashtags you can use without making it confusing and unappealing. 

increase traffic with instagram hashtags

Repost smartly

When I said repost, this does not mean repost frequently as it would just be spamming your audience.

I meant you should repost smartly and offer something new every time.

Do not just share or re-tweet. Add a new fact or highlight something new from the post as you repost it or share it.

This will keep the same post interesting and you can avert being deemed a spammer. 

Enhance your credibility

Always work on the credibility of your brand. Your social media presence should be impeccably trustworthy.

Spamming, sharing poor quality content, or generating interest and then failing to satiate the needs of the target audience will erode the trust of the people and that can be hard to regain. 

Trusted brands will always have more people willingly checking out the links or contents. Others will be shrugged off by the same people who still follow those handles or profiles. 

get traffic from social media

Only promote the best

If you are an affiliate marketer or a small business owner, promotion or an amazing offer is the best way to generate substantial traffic immediately.

However, it cannot be misplaced, mistimed, or poorly targeted. Do not put forth a discount for those who wouldn’t be in a position to purchase. 

Also, do not come up with an offer that may look great on social media but doesn’t really help in reality. Otherwise, your audience will think you only promoted it for money.

Consider social media automation

Automate daily posts, use software to track the traffic generated from social media, use analyses to study the outreach and the impact of every post, have auto follow-ups for any activity originating from social media such as a redirected user signing up for newsletters or making an inquiry. 

These are some ways to make social media marketing more efficient, punctual, and organized. 

There are many social media automation tools available. Personally, I use Content Studio which I highly recommend. But of course, there are other amazing tools you can check out such as Planable, Later, Hootsuite, and Meet Edgar.

Actively participate

While automation is awesome, it’s not everything.

Find time each day to go through your social accounts (maybe one per day) to actively engage and look for questions that need to be answered. The more you can answer questions the more people will notice and trust you.

As an active participant, you’ll also learn how to use the network better. After all, each network has its own special flavor that you’ll need to get to know in order to use it to its utmost traffic generating level. 

grow your social media

Combine it with email marketing and SEO

The first communication may not generate traffic or any traction, however, the second or the third point of contact might and they don’t have to be through the same medium.

Try pairing social media with email marketing and SEO and see the results!

However, if you are not sure how to get started with email marketing, Suzie from Start A Mom Blog offers this amazing course that will teach you everything you need to know.

Debbie from The Flooring Girl, on the other hand, is a pro in SEO. You can learn the exact strategies she uses to gain over 500,000 monthly page views on her blog through this bundle.

Join social network groups

Personally, joining social network groups has been very beneficial for me and my website. In fact, I got my first affiliate sale through a Facebook group I’m part of. Amazing, right?

With these groups, you’ll get the opportunity to promote your website and interact with other content creators who share the same niche as you.

Another great option is to create your very own group. This will provide a vital source of traffic to your website depending on how great the community spirit is within the group you established.

If you want to learn how to create a successful Facebook group, this is the course I recommend.


The great thing about using social media to build traffic is that you can start now by simply creating social accounts. Your website link will usually be included in your profile set up. But, you will of course have to do more. The best thing to do is create a plan of action for generating traffic to your website. If you stick to it, you will be successful.

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A Capone Connection
3 years ago

Thanks for the useful tips. I didn’t know anything about those social media automation you mentioned so I will have to look into them. Thanks!

Ameya Mathur
3 years ago

Awesome Tips! I am definitely bookmarking it for future reference 🙂

Briana | Next Destination Unknown

Great tips! Anything I can do to boost my blog traffic, I’m all over it! I totally agree about joining social network groups. Facebook Groups have been such a huge help for me with growing my blog!

I need to work more on using interactive content though. Thanks for the reminder. Love the ideas for using polls, quizzes, surveys, and contests. Definitely need to implement those!

3 years ago

Love this! Just started my food blog so looking for any and all suggestions 🙂

Phuong Mai
3 years ago

Amazing post! I’ll definitely give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing this!

3 years ago

These were really tips! I’ll definitely be trying them out. I’ve been wanting to grow my social media for so long and have been stuck at the same numbers for a while.

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