The Right Time To Start Monetizing Your Blog

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Blogging | 20 comments

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Not sure when you can start monetizing your blog? Say no more. Read on to find out!

when to start monetizing your blog

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When Should You Start Monetizing Your Blog?

One of the first questions many people have when starting a blog is whether or not they should try to monetize it immediately.

Some folks think they will scare away readers by trying to make money right away. Others may feel they need to grow an audience before trying to sell anything.

While these concerns are understandable, I feel it’s never too early to start monetizing your blog. Keep reading, and I’ll share with you some of the reasons why you may want to start with a monetization mindset as early as possible when it comes to your blog. 

Why Monetize Early

One of the reasons it can benefit you to monetize your blog early is that doing so sets you up as a business owner. Other types of businesses begin trying to make money or sell products immediately upon opening their doors, so why shouldn’t bloggers?

If your goal is to earn an income from your blog, it simply makes sense to approach it as such from the get-go. Don’t worry if you’ve been blogging for a bit and haven’t introduced monetization into your platform. It’s not too late.

However, your audience may be more open to receiving acts of monetization if they are exposed to them early on. Waiting too long can cause some followers to question your motives or feel deceived.

It’s also good to get started early so that you begin to learn what works and what doesn’t work for your blog and its following. Successful monetization often requires trial and error. 

What You Should Avoid

There are definitely some things you should avoid when trying to make money with your blog.

One big mistake people make is to focus only on numbers, forgetting about the importance of engagement. You can still earn money even if your following is small. What matters most is that they trust you and keep coming back. Relationships matter in the business of blogging.

It’s also important that you get to know your audience, no matter its size. This comes from active engagement. When you learn about your following’s demographics, interests, and concerns, you’re more prepared to offer them what they need. This leads to successful monetization, rather than blindly hoping for the best.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to quit before you even get started. Monetization is often a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to gain momentum.

Simple Ways To Monetize

How you should monetize depends on your ultimate goal. It’s best to be strategic in relation to that goal and your particular circumstances.

However, there are some simple monetization techniques that can meet several objectives and are applicable to the needs of most early attempts at earning blog income.

You can join advertising networks such as Google AdSense in order to earn small commissions while you work to build a bigger following that could attract direct ad sales in the future.

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn cash. This involves promoting products you love. Amazon’s affiliate program is popular with bloggers, and there are affiliate networks that partner with a wide range of companies to offer monetization options to online publishers. Promoting the products or course of someone you admire is also a good idea while you work to develop your own digital offerings.

Final Thoughts

Monetizing your blog doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t have to be an established blogger to get started.

It does take research, strategy, and time to become successful. So, why not get started right now in order to make the most of your efforts? 

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Giangi Townsend
3 years ago

I could not agree more, as a business owner you do want to make money why blogging should be different than the staple brick & mortar set up? Thank you for a great article

Isabel Talens
3 years ago

Great advice for bloggers starting up. Simple to follow, Calai!

Caleb Harris
Caleb Harris
3 years ago

I definitely agree you can always start now.

Michelle Latinovich
3 years ago

Thanks for the tips on monetizing my blog site. Very helpful!

Linda Egeler
3 years ago

Thanks for the tips. So far, I have not been successful at monetizing my blog. I have signed on as an Amazon Affiliate, but have not earned enough in commissions for them to send me a check. I’ll keep working on it!

3 years ago

Great post! Lots of helpful tips! Thank you for sharing 🥰

Sarah S
3 years ago

Helpful post on when to start monetizing! It definitely is a marathon and not a sprint! A lot to adjust to but I agree that it’s important to make sure that engagement and keeping your audience happy.

Leah Buehler
3 years ago

I decided to start right away knowing that it will take a while. I use Adsense and use Amazon affiliate links. I’ve barely made anything but I think it helps my viewers get used to seeing ads and affiliate links from the very beginning so they know what they are “getting into” if they decide to subscribe to the blog. I always want to be super transparent with them!

Wioletta Lech
3 years ago

Great tips! Thank you for sharing them!

Briana | Next Destination Unknown

I completely agree! Bloggers should monetize their blogs from day 1 and not leave money on the table. It doesn’t have to be done in an obnoxious way. BTW… love the point you make about blog monetization setting you up as a business owner rather than just a blogger. You have to treat your blog like a business!

3 years ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been considering how to get started monetizing my blog but I am new to this and have no clue where to start. I definitely need to do more research but this article has helped me to see the next steps!

3 years ago

Great advice! Thanks

3 years ago

Totally agree! Running a blog and the upkeep of everything can be costly, so why not start monetizing early. Thanks for sharing!

Krysten Quiles
3 years ago

Monetizing my blog has shaped my life, but there’s definitely a good time to start.

3 years ago

A nice, simple article! And very useful 🙂

Rashmi Agrawal
3 years ago

I completely agree! But until you don’t receive a certain amount of traffic, any kind of monetization hardly works. This is what I feel personally.
So, the best strategy is a consistent blogging and also keeping in mind a few of the monetization methods.
Thanks, for the post 😊

April Haynesworth
3 years ago

This post was great. I monetized my blog within the first couple of months blogging. I’m glad I did because I’m learning what is working for me and what’s not. Im proud to be a business owner and to have something I can call my own.

3 years ago

This is helpful-I’m a new blog with very few page views so far, and I’ve resisted monetizing for the reasons you’ve mentioned, but now I feel like I should just dive in. Thanks!

m et md
3 years ago

Totally! Thanks for the tips, I’ve recently started to monetize my blog!

Bijendra Singh
2 years ago

It’s not too early but I just got your pins on Pinterest that show beginning tips on the right time to start monetizing your blog! and I understand what should I do and avoid

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